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120 semidetached houses in Móstoles. Madrid.

The full operation is completed over five different plots, separated by streets and/or green zones produced by the approved Partial Plan “Móstoles Sur.”

A solution of joint garage is proposed as a way of avoiding the succession of individual entrances which would hinder transit along the sidewalk, and is a risk for individuals and vehicles. The solution produces three parking spots per house (two large and a small), a private facilities room and an independent direct access to each of the houses. Distribution streets, ramps, general pedestrian accesses and general garage equipment rooms are common, creating the joint property of the block. 

As a way of creating unity, each line of houses is designed with a common roof, with an overhang over both long sides, and coming down 90º at each end, covering the ramps, while allowing air circulation for the garage. This roof works as a base for solar panels, with hot water deposits in the basement.

Houses have a pedestrian entrance from the front of the plots, with a garden along the sidewalk, a terrace next to de main façade, 9m of built depth, and a back garden 10m wide, being 3m over the garage, and the rest usable soil.

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